Quality Progressive Education

on 55 cents per day!


For the past 13 years the Albanian Sunrise kindergarten has been providing hundreds of Albanian children with top-quality education.

On a budget that would be ridiculous in any developed country (55 cents per child per day), children, hailing from Albania's northern provinces adjoining the Kosovo border, have been receiving a world class education that includes:

  • ecological awareness
  • introduction to English
  • music and creativity
  • physical and health education

"Graduates" from this program go on to do very well when they enter the nearby government primary school. In fact, much of the normal first grade primary school curriculum is already covered in the Albanian Sunrise's rich neo-humanist kindergarten program.

This website is the chronicle  of this school's success story. Take a few minutes to read about this unique educational project and if you would like to take part then click here for information on how to help.