Quality Education for Future World Citizens

Getting a head Start!
  At the Sunrise school children learn the 
  basics of writing.

The Sunrise school exeeds the normal standard of kindergarten education and we are already having an impact on the local community.

The school emphasizes:

multicultural, universal values taught through stories, songs, games

ecological consicousness developed through stories, songs, games.

Introduction to the English language with songs and plays and the input of native English

Health and physical education through games and sports.

English with Songs
  Native English speakers bring the 
  beginnings of English language learning 
  to the chidlren at the Sunrise school.
Writing Practice
  By the time the children reach the first 
  grade they will already know the basics 
  of writing the alphabet and numbers.

You can help give a child an opportunity to attend the Sunrise School. Find out how you can be part of this innovative program by clicking here.

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