In September 1999,  Donald Nelson and his co-workers began working in Bathore. Prior to
this they had been providing relief supplies to several thousand Kosovar refugees living with Albanian families in the Tirana area.

Arriving in Bathore they found an area suffering with severe social and economic problems.  Donald and his co-workers found many children in the streets without any chance to attend school.They learned that this condition is because there is only one government school in the area.  After consulting with the local Elder (elected representative of the locality), they made plans to open a much needed kindergarten. A building was selected in August 2000, and as soon as they started registration, the available places were filled up (on the first day of registration) and forty more children were placed on the waiting list.

In January 2001, work was completed on an addition to the school building and another 40 children were able to attend.

In March 2001 a team from the European Union's monitoring commission visited the school.
Representatives of several international ngos also visited the kindergarten.

As graduates of the Sunrise kindergarten began to attend the local primary school, they performed exceptionally well and the school acquired a reputation for academic excellence.

In the summer of 2001, teachers from the local primary school visited the sunrise school and directly enrolled the most promising students for the coming autumn session.

By January 2002, one of the former Sunrise pupils ranked number 1 in her class at the
Bathore primary school.

On October 2nd 2000 classes started at 
 the Sunrise School. In this photo teacher 
 Vjollca Milloshi calls the names of the 
 entering students.
In January 2001 a new room (on the left) 
  was added on to the school allowing 40 
  more children to attend.
In May 2002 the school moved to this new building. With one extra classroom, we were able to admit 30 more students, and today total enrollment is 100 children (in two shifts)

The Future:

During the spring of   2003,  we applied for permission to add primary school grades to our program. We are waiting for an answer from Albania's Ministry of Education.  As soon as we get the "green light" we will expand the program further.



You can help write the next chapter in the Sunrise story. The school has been running with the support of people from around the world. With your participation we can extend this program, bringing quality education to more youngsters. Find out how you can take part in this success story.

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